Developing the "self-efficacious" language learner should be the goal of all language teachers. We want students to learn languages because THEY want to learn them. And, interestingly enough, Nuzzo (2006) tells us that the number one goal of language students is to learn to speak the language. So, what does it take for this to happen? What are the conditions that foster development of this self-efficacious learner?

The file below was a mind-mapping exercise that I put myself through to try to identify what needs to be in place to produce language learners who learn because they want to learn. I must thank world language educators from both the Memphis (TN) City Schools and the Jefferson County (KY) Public Schools for helping me refine those thoughts. Perhaps our combined brain-power will be useful to you, as well.

Nuzzo, Maria (2006). Attrition in Foreign Language Courses: Possible Causes and Solutions (unpublished doctoral dissertation)