Current educational scholarship is replete with corroborated information about the important role that teachers play in student achievement. In fact, researchers show time and time again that the teacher is THE most critical variable in the student achievement equation. And, perhaps not surprisingly, the research resoundingly shows that it is what the teacher DOES, not what the teacher knows, that makes the difference in student academic success.

The work of Danielson and Marzano--along with that of Saphier, Fink, and numerous others--has laid out specific characteristics and behaviors of effective teachers with this work pointing to what teachers can do to create more successful learner. The TELL (Teacher Effectiveness for LanguageLearning) Project has been created to make the generic work of the aforementioned writers more specific to the needs of world language educators.

This project, jointly developed by the Shelby County (TN) Schools, the Jefferson County (KY) Public Schools, the Arlington (TX) Independent School District, with assistance from InterPrep, provides products and processes that foreign language teachers can use to increase their effectiveness as teachers and to grow as professionals. TELL defines what it is that effective world language teachers do--in and out of the classroom--and provides tools that they can use to increase their effectiveness.

A visit to the site below can open a world of resources that can be of use to any world language teacher who wants to be the best teacher possible.

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